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Make your website actually work for you.

Our Services

SEO and Content Marketing

  • Understand how your customers search
  • Create content to target searches
  • Optimise search result to attract clicks
  • Convert visitors to your customers

Web Development

  • Build or rebuild your website for SEO.
  • Create powerful and convincing pages.
  • Develop share worthy web apps, give users a reason to come back to your website.

Consulting and Training

  • Differentiate your business.
  • Formulate marketing strategy.
  • Win trust and improve sales.
  • Build up your online marketing capacity.
Reach more people through your website.

What is SEO

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It refers to the process of increasing website traffic by achieving high ranking on search engine result page. Since Google dominates the search engine market, SEO often refers to optimisation for Google.

Search Experience Optimisation

SEO is also the abbreviation for Search Experience Optimisation. Focusing on search experience will lead to relevant high quality content, and pleasant user experience. This is the approach we take in our SEO services to ensure your long term success.
Search engine robots are "users" with special needs.

Benefits of our SEO services

Optimise Website for Conversion

People are more likely to inquire if they trust your business. Yet some factors are often overlooked by web designers and developers, costing you lost sales.

We work closely with you to create convincing web pages, articulate benefits, present evidence, manage online reputation, and win trust from potential customers.

An optimised website will help you to find new customers, regardless how people arrive at your website - through referral, social media, paid advertisements, or organic searches.

Benefits of our SEO services

Drive Qualified Traffic to Your Website

Ranking for the wrong keywords will not bring qualified traffic, or will not bring much traffic at all.

We work with you to understand searchers’ intention, create tailored content, improve ranking for search keywords with significant search volumes, and attract clicks through optimised appearance in search results.

Benefits of our SEO services

Get More Leads Out of Your Marketing Budget

With paid advertising, you get traffic while the campaign is running. Once you stop advertising or use up the budget, the traffic drops sharply.

Traffic from organic search results is not restricted by advertising budget. It takes time to achieve ranking, but has the potential to generate more leads in the long term, with the same budget.

Invest in your Online asset

How Do Search Engines Work?

Crawl and index the internet

Search engines collect webpages and websites across the whole internet, and store information in giant databases. This is done by specially designed programs called crawlers or robots.

While human eyes may not see the difference between plain texts and texts on an image, robots are still more efficient in processing plain texts.

Recommend web pages in response to query

When users enter a keyword or phrase, search engines recommend web pages depending on a range of factors.

Search engines use artificial intelligence to predict search intent, and recommend the most relevant results.

Though the search results link to individual web pages, the content of the website plays an important role in ranking.

Tip: search engines love text.

What are the most important SEO ranking factors?

High quality relevant content

Search engines offer free service to users and charge advertisers. It is crucial for a search engine to provide relevant high quality results in order to retain users.


Backlinks are inbound links from other websites. These links serve as an endorsement from well established websites. Backlinks have long been regarded as the internet currency.
More in-depth discussions are available in SEO resource centres such as Moz.

How Does SEO Work?

SEO planning and content strategy

SEO should not be an afterthought. It is part of the online marketing strategy. Each piece of content should contribute to the end goal.

Sometimes a website needs to be rebuilt for optimisation purpose, and for easy management of contents in the long run.

Technical onsite SEO

Technical SEO refers to the optimisation of website infrastructure and webpage content for easy discovery and indexing by search engines. This may include presenting information as structured data, and using correct markup tags for web pages.

Offsite SEO

Offsite SEO refers to the promotion of content and networking with other website owners to get editorial backlinks.

In addition to contributing to a better ranking on the search engine result page, the backlinks may also bring some traffic to the website.

There is no secret or magic in SEO. It is the quality of work that counts.

Types of SEO

Local SEO

When the search keyword contains a location or indicates users have local intent, search engines recommend results depending on the users location, or the location in the keyword. Local SEO refers to the optimisation for ranking on local search results.

Global SEO

Global SEO refers to the optimisation for ranking on keywords that have no local intent. A website is competing against other similar websites in the world for the ranking positions.
Local SEO is achievable for small businesses with small budget.

Our SEO Strategy

Understand search intent

What do users intend to do when they search by certain keyword or phrase? How many users are searching by these keywords Understanding the search intent and search volume is the foundation of content strategy.

Create content

We work with you to choose keywords with purchase intent, and create high quality relevant content to target these searches.

Blog is an important tool in SEO. We will help you to start a blog on your website, if you don’t have one yet.


Networking is essential to a business’s success. This is especially so in terms of editorial backlinks.

We help you to organise events, network with other business owners, go and make friends both online and offline.

Be your strategic partner in SEO and marketing.

Why Choose Us as Your SEO Partner

Adding Value

We add value to your intangible online asset - your website by creating relevant content targeting searches, and by building backlinks on your behalf.

We have a network of content creators working for you, passionate and knowledgeable on their chosen topics. Some of them are SEO experts themselves, applying SEO strategy to their own websites.

Affordable Packages

Each business is unique, and one size does not fit all. We work around your marketing budget so you can balance the short term and long term needs. Allocating a higher budget for SEO means you will have more work done each month.

There is no lock-in contract. You can switch package to reallocate your resources while operating within your monthly budget.

We are transparent in what we do. You can choose a small package if you have the time and skills to do certain tasks.

Actionable Advice

SEO is a long term partnership. We help you to uncover your hidden marketing resources, and customise a SEO strategy for you.

Some tasks can only be done by you. We regularly list bite-size tasks of high priority so you will progress steadily, without feeling overwhelmed.

Invest in your Online asset

Key Questions to Ask Towards SEO and Your Business Success

Marketing Consulting

Understand your business

  • what are your core products or services?
  • who are your customers?
  • what are their pain points?
  • what benefits do your products or services bring to customers?
  • what are your core strengths?
  • how are you different from competitors?
  • how are your products or services different from others?
  • how can you prove your claims?

Keyword Research

Understand your potential customers

  • how do people describe your products or services? note many people do not use jargons.
  • what keywords do they use to search?
  • how many people are searching by these keywords on average?
  • how do people search before purchase?


Plan and create website contents

  • what should be the core content on your website?
  • what structure helps a user to navigate to the most important pages?
  • what words should be included in page title, heading and URL?
  • what evidences are most compelling in convincing potential customers?
  • what content goes into a blog?

Web development

Build or rebuild a website for SEO success

  • if you have a website, is the content management system user friendly? can you add or remove content on landing pages?
  • is it better for you to migrate to a website you can have full control?
  • is your website hosting fast and reliable?
  • do you have enough data allowance to handle the organic search traffic?
  • do you have access to your search console and website traffic analytics?


Promote Content

  • Who are likely to quote your content? why should someone link to your content?
  • what existing business partners can you reach out?
  • what like-minded people in your niche market can you share ideas?
  • what community events can you organise or participate?


Measure results and adjust strategy

  • is the SEO campaign generating expected traffic and results?
  • what contents are most popular on the website?
  • what new content can be added to strengthen the ranking position?

Frequently Asked Questions on SEO

Does SEO really work?

Yes, SEO does work, if it is done properly. Some of our clients are getting new customers by ranking at the top in organic search results.

Unfortunately some self-acclaimed “SEO experts” in the industry charge money for doing little, and some people sell SEO packages for doing nothing. If you have tried SEO without success, please contact us and find out how we optimise for business results.

I have already bought SEO tools and installed a SEO plugin. Why do I still need SEO services?

The SEO tools and plugins may help you to work more efficiently, however they will not perform magic. The ranking of a website needs a lot of hard work, both onsite and offsite.

Can SEO be automated?

Unfortunately SEO can not be automated. The most important ranking factors, high quality content and editorial backlinks, have to be created by real talented humans behind the websites.

You may have heard of some SEO apps that claim to do magic and boost your website ranking. Stay alert and sceptical. Why would enterprises spend heavily on SEO, if such cheap “solutions” exist?

How long can I see the result of SEO?

This depends on the current status of your website, and the strength of the competitors. Are you getting some traffic now? Is your website trustworthy and convincing to strangers? We will start by understanding your business and your potential customers, making sure the most important web pages are convincing, and then work towards getting qualified traffic.

Typically you will start to see the progress of ranking in a few weeks. It will take longer to rank for highly competitive keywords. It will also take a longer time for a new website to rank.

Do you guarantee first page ranking or website traffic?

We don’t guarantee first page ranking or traffic, though we strive for qualified traffic and business results through ranking your website on page one for the right keyword. There are many ranking factors beyond our control.

It is meaningless to rank on the first page for the keywords few people search by, or to artificially create website traffic. It is unethical to rank your website for certain keywords then replace them with something else. You may end up ranking for nothing when the contract ends.

We are transparent in what we do, and work hard towards your business results, together with you.

What is the difference between SEO and paid advertisements on Google?

There are two ways for your web pages to appear on the first page of Google, paying Google to advertise, or ranking at the top of the organic search results.

When you bid a high price to advertise on Google, your web page can appear on the first page immediately along with search results. Each click on the advertisement will cost your money. When you stop the campaign or run out of the daily advertising budget, your web page will disappear. What you have spent on advertisement has no effect on your website’s ranking or reputation.

When you work on SEO and have your web page appear on the first page through organic ranking, clicking on your web page will not cost you extra money. There is no limit on how many clicks you can get each month, assuming you can maintain that ranking. You have the potential of getting more traffic and leads through SEO marketing, though it takes time and effort. In this sense, money spent on SEO is an investment into your marketing tool.

Can I do SEO by myself?

Surely you can, if you have the time and determination to learn the required skills.

A successful SEO campaign requires the talents of a team - project manager, marketing strategist, designer, developer, copywriter, and community manager. An enterprise may have the budget for an in-house SEO team. However for a small to medium business, it is often more cost effective to work with a SEO agency like us. Besides, you won’t have the burden of managing the team performance, and losing talents from time to time.

We aim to be your long term SEO partner. We customise a SEO strategy for you, are transparent in what we do, and work together with you towards your business goals. You will do some tasks with your existing capabilities. The partnership approach results in high value for money.

Why should I continue to invest in SEO?

The website ranking is dynamic. It depends on how well your website performs relative to others, and how well your content meets the needs of the searchers.

For this reason, continuous investment in SEO is required to update content, create new content, and maintain networking with other website owners.

Maintaining a top ranking for relevant search results will bring value to your business, at a far less cost.

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