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Go and make simple and easy

Web Publishing

Copy website. Browse and edit. Publish.

A simple and easy web publishing solution to

Build a Beautiful Website

Copy Website

  • Select a prebuilt sample website
  • Copy the website folder to start quickly

Browse and Edit

  • No installation
  • Zero setup
  • Browse and edit image and text right in the browser
  • Work with a computer or tablet


  • Upload and publish finished webpages
  • Ready to serve
  • Maintenance free
  • Manage hosting cost, save in the long run
Reach more people

Keep it static and simple. Get Things Done Quickly


Build with website templates

Fast for Content Creators

  • Select prebuilt sample websites
  • Customize pages in the browser
  • Preview instantly
  • Change layout without touching code
  • Store data locally during edit
  • Add commonly used blocks with one click
  • Remove unwanted blocks
  • Load data from remote backup

When time matters

Fast for Readers

  • Lightweight and ready to serve webpages
  • Responsive by design, looks great on mobile devices, tablets and computers

Up and running quickly

Easy Start

  • No setup
  • No installation
  • Browse a page and start writing
  • Edit everything on the page
  • Choose images from media library
  • Position images beside text, under text, or under another image
  • Change image opacity to create special effects
  • Present items in collection
  • Embed video, map, calendar

Edit on the go

Easy Update

  • Make minor changes from any device with internet connection, even from a smart phone
  • Export webpage and upload to publish for small sites
  • Export data, upload and rebuild the whole site automatically
  • Smart default settings

Simple system

Cheaper to Host

  • generate web pages ready to serve
  • host your website with any hosting provider, even for free
  • migrate to anywhere easily

Safe by nature

Cheaper to Maintain

  • hassle free
  • no maintenance required
  • no server to manage
  • no database to worry about
  • no breaking changes
  • no plugin conflicts to resolve

Web Publishing For Everyone


  • simple system design
  • file system based website structure, similar to what users already know


  • easy for beginners to create content.
  • easy and powerful for professionals to customize everything without coding


  • save development time and cost
  • save hosting cost
  • save maintenance cost

Sample Websites

Hilly Golf

Sports club, hobby groups

My Sweet Home

Home related products and services


Showcase products

Fork and build your own website.

Simple, Easy and Affordable Web Publishing

GoAndMake provides a simple, easy and affordable web publishing solution for everyone. The web publishing solution consists of

  • beautiful website templates,
  • a page builder to customize websites quickly without coding,
  • a premium theme and
  • automated integration service for publishing websites and extending features

GoAndMake page builder works on all computers or tablets with internet connection. It runs in a modern browser without installation or setup. The generated pages are responsive, slim and mobile friendly.

This page has been built with the page builder. Try a demo, or follow a tutorial to start building your own website.

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